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Welcome to the Supconnect Weekly Recap, our countdown of the Top 5 biggest news, reviews, interviews and features surrounding the world of Stand Up Paddleboarding. If you’ve got anything newsworthy, weird or worth reading about, don’t be shy to share the scoop with us via e-mail. 

5. Iron Mana Takes Huahine By Storm


iron mana 2017 19


Heat Score – 61

The Iron Mana is one of the nicest, hardest, most beautiful, grueling but also unique events I know. It is not one of my long endurance races but nonetheless, challenging in many other ways. Some call it a boot camp, some call it their daily routine. Read more HERE.






4. How to Start Camping With Your Paddle Board

how to camp with sup

Heat Score – 69

SUP camping is becoming more popular, and for a reason! So if you want to learn, read on for tips on how to start camping with your paddle board. Read more HERE.


3. How To Properly Fall Off Your SUP

how to fall 1

Heat Score – 79

Falling off of our paddle boards is inevitable. It’s part of the process, sometimes even part of the fun. There is however a right and a wrong way to falling off of our SUPs. Here, SUP expert and Starboard SUP athlete Sean Poynter teaches us how to fall off our SUP properly to avoid injury. See his tips and full video tutorial here.


2. Reader’s Choice: Top Destinations 2017

best sup destination 2017

Heat Score – 86

Where did you travel this year? Was it tropical? Was it on the coast or to a lake? With stand up paddling (SUP) the options are endless as you can take your paddle board on practically any body of water. And with the convenience of inflatables you are able to take your SUP with you wherever you go! With our audience voting for the top SUP destinations in the 2017 Supconnect Polls, here are the top SUP destinations for 2017 voted for and nominated by you and your peers. Read more HERE.

1. 6 Brands Supporting Women in SUP

paddle board for women

Heat Score – 94

In a sport where participation is practically split down the middle between men and women, women many times get the short end of the stick in all areas of the sport. While much of the SUP industry has started to take notice of this fault there are a few brands who are leading the way when it comes to catering to the females of our sport. Here are 6 brands who have embraced female athletes and are designing products specifically with them in mind. Read more HERE.

Photo Of The Week

photo of the week 12 19 2017

Photo via: Aldo Tassara

Description: Outer island secret spot in Hawaii.

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