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Five Ways To Social Media #SUPAwards


mantleSocializing #SUPAwards | 5 Ways to Share

The 2016 SUP Awards presented by Tommy Bahama are finally here. Tonight, standup paddling royalty will come together beneath the stars at Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, CA to celebrate each others accomplishments including the crowning of the Male and Female Paddler of the Year. With so much talent in one place, it’s sure to be an incredible time and something you won’t want to miss. And thanks to the advancements in social media, you won’t have to! Whether you’re at home or at the ceremony, here are the five best ways to stay up-to-date with all the #SUPAwards action.

1. Hashtag #SUPAwards for your posts

Whether taking selfies with your best friends for Instagram or following along at home, this is the hashtag to remember.  Include #SUPAwards for all your social media posts. There’s no easier way to make your friends at home very, very jealous they didn’t join you.

2. Use the exclusive SUP Awards Snapchat filter

Snapchat filters are like…so hot right now. So we decided to join in on the craze and create our very own Snapchat filter for standup paddling’s special night. Using it is easy, just take a picture using the Snapchat app and swipe right until you find specially designed and totally awesome filter.

3. Follow along at home using Facebook Live and Instagram Story

The crew at SUP the Mag will be working hard to not only provide a rad experience for those at the ceremony, but also our loyal fans at home. So if you aren’t able to make it out to Dana Point tonight, follow along in real time with our dedicated feeds on Facebook Live and Instagram Story. We’ll be broadcasting winner announcements, speeches, and much more content you won’t want to miss.

4. Tag @SUPtheMag in your posts from the ceremony

If you’re having a good time at SUP Awards–which you definitely will be–share some pictures with us. Simply tag @supthemag in your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter–or even Google+ if that’s your thing–and we may just repost your photo on social media. In fact, if you share enough awesome content, we’ll make an exclusive photo gallery on our site featuring user-generated photos. But the only way to get you and your friends’ beautiful smiling faces on our site is to tag @SUPtheMag.

5. Follow and share from @SUPtheMag

Make it easy to catch all of the action from SUP Awards by following or liking all of our social media channels. We will be sharing the best content, photos, winner updates and more on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Google+. The festivities begin tonight and no matter whether you’re joining us or watching from home. We will be bringing you all the action from standup paddling’s biggest night.


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Want to be live and in-person for the show? A few tickets still remain for SUP Awards.

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