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SAN DIEGO, California – Planning on getting in a few trips in 2020? Well, lucky for you there are countless locations and destinations that are a stand up paddler’s dream. We’ve compiled a few places where you’re bound to have a blast at with beautiful scenery surrounding you. Check it out:

1. Peru

If you’re looking for a destination that’s great for SUP surfing and not your typical surf trip, check out Peru. In what seems to be an extremely uncrowded and epic-looking left-hand point break, Chicama, Peru is the spot to go for SUP surfing. If your looking for a wave where your legs start to burn and your arms start to feel like jello, this is exactly where you need to surf. Chicama is known to be the longest wave in the world and it definitely looks like it very well might be just that.

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chicama peru sunsetPhoto: @Coldnail_

2. Canary Islands, Spain

The Canary Islands, located off the coast of northwestern Africa, are a territory of Spain known for its its beautiful black and white sand beaches. Great for paddlers that enjoy touring and surfing, The Canary Islands are a great getaway for European paddlers who are looking for a SUP holiday. The scenery is stunning and is nothing short of breath taking. Great year round but especially in the summer, the Canary Islands are an awesome destination that you’ll be sure to love.

app gran canaria 2019 iballa morenoCanary Islands local, Iballa Moreno. | Photo: APP World Tour

3. Amsterdam

As many people might know already, Holland is a country filled with water, a shore line along the country, lakes, rivers and lot’s of canals to wander through on a paddleboard. One of the best places to go out for a paddle is Amsterdam, famous for its beautiful canals and bridges. Amsterdam has always been known and famous for her waterways, initially meant for cargo and since the late 60’s tourists are enjoying the the most original way to experience the city. By boat, waterbike or in a canoe or kayak. Nowadays you can also experience the beautiful city by paddleboard all year round! What makes it most fun is that it is a small city but has so many canals that you could paddle around all day long without passing the same canal or bridge, and if you do you probably wouldn’t even notice.

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amsterdamPhoto courtesy: Morene Dekker

4. Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia is widely regarded as one of the prettiest and most comfortable places in North America to spend time outdoors. Granted it’s fairly far north, so it’s quite cold for much of the year. But from spring through the early fall season, it’s mostly lovely outside, and as a result it’s a great place to paddle board. Vancouver has a lot of coastline for a single city, and with much of it being calm, somewhat insulated from the Pacific Ocean, there are several excellent places to paddle board.

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5. Mission Bay, San Diego

Anyone who’s ever been to San Diego has probably witnessed paddler boarders cruising on Mission Bay. Situated just south of Pacific Beach, the bay is part of Mission Bay Park which is the largest man-made aquatic park in the US, offering over 4,000 acres of recreational land & water. Whether you’re hoping to go SUP fishing, get your stretch on with a little SUP yoga, or just want to go out for a relaxing flatwater paddle, this spot will provide. With plenty of wind protection and open space, Mission Bay is a must-visit for beginner to experienced paddlers.

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mission bayPhoto: Shutterstock

6. Vietnam

SUP is very new to Vietnam in general and the government only recognizes this sport to be a recreational activity on water instead of a water sport. Most of the resorts in Vietnam offer only kayaks. The limitation in sea emergency handling or rescue activities also poses barriers to grow this sport in Vietnam. Recently, there have been several efforts from local SUP clubs from both Northern and Southern Vietnam in trying to get more exposure for SUP. The sport is expected to boom in the next couple of years in Vietnam as this beautiful country, just like Philippines and Thailand, has a lot of gorgeous coastlines, lakes and rivers.

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vietnamA man paddleboarding on a river at sunrise in Ninh Binh, Vietnam. | Photo: Shutterstock

7. Lake Como, Italy

Nestled in the mountains of northern Italy’s Lombardy region is Lake Como. Surrounded by quaint villages and beautiful villas tucked into the green mountainsides, Lake Como has grown to be one of the most coveted vacation spots in Italy. Identified by its unique upside down ‘Y’ shape, Lake Como offers travelers miles and miles of water to explore. It is the third largest lake in Italy and its deepest as well, spanning 56 square miles and 1,300 feet deep. The lake consists of three branches – Como (southwestern), Lecco (southeastern), and Colico (northern). Due to its pristine natural landscape, spectacular views, and wonderful hospitality, Lake Como is a popular tourist destination, especially for sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, paddling, and other water sports. It is also home to summer houses of a several notable celebrities – including acclaimed actor and director George Clooney – so you may just spot the Ocean’s Eleven actor while you’re out for a paddle!

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paddle boarding lake como 1Aerial view of Italy’s Lake Como. | Photo courtesy: Shutterstock

8. Cambodia

With hundreds of miles of coastline dotted with islands on the Gulf of Thailand, the daunting but beautiful Mekong River, and the Tonle Sap Lake which is the largest body of inland water in Asia, Cambodia is a SUP explorers dream. Cambodia’s upper Mekong region is an unspoiled paradise for the adventure SUP enthusiast. Paddling there could be a “Get It While You Can” opportunity. With 11 proposed dams on the mainstream Mekong the future looks bleak for the river and those who depend on it.

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cambodiaKoh Rong Island, Cambodia during the sunrise. | Photo: Shutterstock

9. Palawan, Philippines

Few destinations can hold a candle to the brilliance of Palawan. Located in the west of the Philippines, more than 1,780 islands form an archipelago that stretches almost as far south as Borneo and north to the island of Mindoro. With so many islands, comes a lot of coastline: 1,200 miles (almost 2,000 km)) in fact! Characterized by jelly blue lagoons, jungle rivers, hidden caves, and palm fringed white sand beaches, it all adds up to a paddle boarder’s paradise!

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Photos: Chantal Clarke

palawan phillippinesA view of Palawan from above. | Photo: Shutterstock

10. Lake Tahoe

If you’ve never been to Lake Tahoe to standup paddle board there’s no better time than now! Lake Tahoe is arguably one of the most photographed places in the SUP world due to its pristine waters and gorgeous surroundings. It truly is a dream location. Late Spring, Summer and early Fall is the prime time to SUP at Lake Tahoe as the weather is nice and warm (on most days). Prepare yourself for its jaw-dropping beauty!

sup hotspot west coast usa lake tahoePhoto: Flux Photography

As you’re planning your vacations for the year and need some inspiration on where to go where you can also take your paddle board, let these ten locations be on your radar as they will definitely show you a good time.

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