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Welcome to the Supconnect Weekly Recap, our countdown of the Top 5 biggest news, reviews, interviews and features surrounding the world of Stand Up Paddleboarding. If you’ve got anything newsworthy, weird or worth reading about, don’t be shy to share the scoop with us via e-mail. 

5. How SUP Yoga Makes You a Better Racer

sup yoga helps racers

Heat Score – 66

For SUP racers it takes time to be able to both balance themselves in the water and be able to race with precision. One of the best ways to gain these skills is by practicing SUP yoga. Read more HERE.





4. Paddleboarding Nicaragua

sup travel nicaragua laguna apoyo

Heat Score – 73

Nicaragua offers variety of SUP experiences for SUP surfers and SUP yogis alike. By many standards Nicaragua is somewhat of a new frontier in Central America. Years of political and civil unrest left Nicaragua off the radar for most travelers. People flocked to Costa Rica for their Central American adventure without even thinking twice about the larger country just to the north. But now that Nicaragua is stable and open for tourism, people are starting to trickle on to the untouched beaches and surf the miles of empty swells. This not-so-secret SUP spot is ripe and ready to be paddled. Read more HERE.

3. Paddle Boarding’s Biggest Trends in 2019

sup trends 2019

Heat Score – 80

2019 was a year full of adventure, thrills, learning, and more. There were a few trends that caught on this year that caught the attention of our editorial staff here at Supconnect. Here are 3 of the biggest trends of 2019.

2. 20 Awesome Photos From 2019

awesome sup photo 2019 9

Heat Score – 87

2019 has been a year to remember in the world of stand up paddling. Now, with the new year right around the corner, we wanted to say our proper goodbyes to an epic 2019 with a roundup of some of the most awesome photos from the year. Check out 20 of the best SUP photos from 2019. Check out the photos HERE.

1. Top SUP Stories of 2019

top moments 2019

Heat Score – 95

Another year has come and gone and it was packed with exciting stories. From the birth of a new racing class to many historic moments to major industry news, 2019 had no shortage of big headlines. So before we head into the new year, we’re taking a look at 10 of the biggest SUP stories from 2019. Read more HERE.

Photo Of The Week

photo of the week 12 31 19

Photo via: @mitcharoundthebend             

Description: Alex Mauer getting ready for a bumpy ride ahead.

Location: unknown

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