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20 Awesome Photos From 2019



  • awesome sup photo 2019 1

    Paradise Islands. Time stop. Beautiful sunset with friend. | Photo courtesy: Cindy Poirier

  • awesome sup photo 2019 3

    During a filming of a show for the city in March 2019, we got to paddle in the vicinity of 3 humpbacks that came up in unison alot. We have lots of drone footage of it. But as far as photos? The Crabby Lady, Joanne Hart snapped this photo of the whales coming and checking me out. I have about 80 shots with multiple whales and a ton of drone, but this is the money shot. Just after the other two went down this one waterfalled (water coming off tail) and I threw a shaka and this nice lady took this classic photo!! important to note that these whales came to us and all rules and recommendations from NOAA were followed. You can see when they came near me, as it is up to them where they go, I stopped paddling and removed my paddle from the water!. | Photo courtesy: Randy Harris

  • awesome sup photo 2019 4

    #supeastcoaststyle brings the magic. | Photo courtesy: Sasha Durand

  • awesome sup photo 2019 5

    Sunset and another beautiful day on the waters around the Isle of Man. | Photo courtesy: Michelle Stewardson

  • awesome sup photo 2019 6

    Takakwa falls. | Photo courtesy: Ryan Hamilton

  • awesome sup photo 2019 7

    Manta SUP in the Solomon Islands. | Photo via:SUP Wilderness Adventures

  • awesome sup photo 2019 8

    Renee on a calm Hosmer lake. | Photo courtesy: Thom Iverson

  • awesome sup photo 2019 9

    Crossing the straights of Gibraltar from Spain to Morocco. | Photo courtesy: Tom Cawthorn

  • awesome sup photo 2019 10

    Image of group of paddlers during the 2019 “Sup the Crossing” event paddle to Robben Island and back. | Photo courtesy: Guy Bubb

  • awesome sup photo 2019 11

    Kiss on the fjord. | Photo courtesy: SUP Norway – Courtney Sinclair

  • awesome sup photo 2019 14

    My Friend Chad Robbins took this picture during a sunrise paddle. | Photo courtesy: Alan Akridge

  • awesome sup photo 2019 13

    Sunrise on the water. | Photo courtesy: Pat Jones

  • awesome sup photo 2019 2

    Beautiful sunset with seal and bird. Time to be zen!!. | Photo courtesy: Cindy Poirier

  • awesome sup photo 2019 12

    It’s not all paddling on SUP Norway’s expeditions. | Photo courtesy: Titus Kodzoman

  • awesome sup photo 2019 15

    Early morning fog rolling of the fiord after a storm the day before. | Photo courtesy: Nathan Secker

  • awesome sup photo 2019 16

    Having a beautiful sunset SUP around one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. Coron, Island, Philippines. | Photo courtesy: Maria Oakes

  • awesome sup photo 2019 17

    Lite Tech Starboard Family Trip. | Photo courtesy: Chedtha Nuilek

  • awesome sup photo 2019 18

    A cooling waterfall in a secluded West Coast river. | Photo courtesy: Blair Martin

  • awesome sup photo 2019 19

    Bridge reflection. | Photo courtesy: Julie Stevens

  • awesome sup photo 2019 20

    Early Bird at river Ruhr, germany, on a beautiful morning in fall. | Photo courtesy: Joerg Petzel

SAN DIEGO, California – 2019 has been a year to remember in the world of stand up paddling. Every year we see more people pushing the boundaries of this sport, exploring uncharted territories just to see the world from a new perspective. Now, with the new year right around the corner, we wanted to say our proper goodbyes to an epic 2019 with a roundup of some of the most awesome photos from the year. Check out 20 of the best SUP photos from 2019 above.

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