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Welcome to the Supconnect Weekly Recap, our countdown of the Top 5 biggest news, reviews, interviews and features surrounding the world of Stand Up Paddleboarding. If you’ve got anything newsworthy, weird or worth reading about, don’t be shy to share the scoop with us via e-mail. 

5. Whitewater SUP Swimming and Recovery Tip

whitewater recovery tip

Heat Score – 64

Whitewater paddling while fun, is also pretty dangerous. It’s important to make sure you’re comfortable paddling whitewater and whatever class you’re on. That being said, here is a tip to help you when you fall and need to safely get back to your board and managing your paddle and gear. Read more HERE





4. Why Surfers Need To Change Their Attitudes Toward Stand Up Paddlers

igor goni opinion 2

Heat Score – 70

Surfing in its essence is the art of riding a wave. History takes us back to the ancient Polynesians where this was done with the only purpose was to have fun, yet somewhere along the line the original purpose has been diluted and these days we encounter ourselves sharing the lineups with rather hard-minded people, who think that the only correct way to ride a swell is by using a shortboard. Read more HERE.

3. SUP Pictures By Jason Wilson

jason wilson photo 9

Heat Score – 75

We all can appreciate a good photo when we see one and in the Supconnect Photographer Series, we do just that. We connect with exceptional photographers in and out of the stand up paddle boarding world and showcase some of their many fantastic photos. This week, we are stoked to highlight Jason Wilson from Lake Tahoe, California. Check out the photos HERE.

2. How To Take Fishing From The Dock To Your SUP

fishing from doc to sup 3

Heat Score – 81

Making the transition from fishing from the dock to fishing to your SUP can be as simple or as complex as you would like to make it. I find myself falling into both categories, generally depending on the amount of time I have to get out on the water or the fish that I aim to target. With dock fishing, you already have a handful of the items needed to get you fishing off of your SUP and with the information below, you can easily make that transition. Read more HERE.

1. 7 Famous Landmarks To See On Your SUP

7 famous landmarks to see on your sup 5

Heat Score – 89

We often think of stand up paddle adventures as an opportunity to see some of nature’s finest creations, but there are actually several famous man-made landmarks that are also accessible by SUP. To recognize a few of these artistic masterpieces, we’ve rounded up 7 of the most fascinating landmarks from around the world that can be seen from a paddle board. Read more HERE.

Photo Of The Week

photo of the week 10 01 19

Photo via: Kerry Ford     

Description: The reflection of the clouds in the water was too much to resist the snapping a photo of.

Location: Consecon Lake, Prince Edward County, ON Canada

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