SUP Foil 101: How To Choose A SUP Foil Board


In my last article I helped you choose a foil. But what good is a foil if you don’t have a board to mount it to? Many board companies offer foil specific boards, you can have one custom made or you can even alter an old board you have laying around. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a SUP Foil board.

1. Production boards

A lot of SUP companies out there offer foil boards. In most cases these boards are the production surf shapes with foil tracks and/or tuttle boxes added. This option is great because it will allow you to surf without a foil if you ever desire to, two boards in one. The only down side with production boards is that in most cases the shapes are obsolete compared to what most foil surfers are progressing to however SUP brands like Naish, Slingshot and Rogue offer really great options.

foil board stock

2. Custom Boards

A custom shaped foil board will ensure you get exactly what you want and need. These shapes are what you see a lot of with the more progressive riders. Really short, high volume boards.These boards are shorter making them easier to pump in and through the surf and they are higher volume to make them easier to stand on and paddle into waves. Custom shapes allow you to design the rails, haul and deck of the board to be more accommodating for foil specific riding. Certain designs can be easier to take off on and are more forgiving when the board touches down or slaps the water and the shaper can even install foot straps.

3. Modify Boards