How To Choose A Foil For Your SUP


The sensation of your board hovering over the water as you shoot down the line on a wave is amazing! With so many different foil brands, wing sizes and mast sizes, how in the world are you supposed to choose the right one? And once you do how can you make sure it will fit onto the board you have? Here are a few things to consider when choosing your foil.

1. Wing Size

how to choose foil alex mauer 3The size of your foil will produce different results. | Photo: Alex Mauer

When choosing a foil, wing size has the most impact on how and what your foil will surf. Bigger wings are more stable and lift at lower speeds. Smaller wings are more playful in the surf and take more energy to generate lift. That makes bigger wings a little easier to learn on and easier to surf on smaller waves. Smaller wings will allow more maneuverability while surfing on bigger more powerful waves.

2. Mast Size

how to choose foil alex mauer 1The size of the mast of your foil will produce different results when shorter vs. longer. | Photo: Alex Mauer

Mast size will impact how high out of the water you can fly before the foil breaches the surface. A longer mast will allow a rider to fly a lot higher out of the water, which may be a little intimidating for beginner riders. Most masts range from 25 inches on the shorter side to around 30+ inches on the longer side. Once you learn where to balance the foil in the water a longer mast will not only let you fly higher but catch steeper waves more easily.

3. Compatibility

how to choose foil alex mauer 2There are two different styles of fin boxes for the foil compatibility. | Photo: Alex Mauer

Make sure that your board is compatible with the foil you buy. Foils attach to your foil surfboard in two ways. A tuttle box and a track mount. A tuttle box goes through the board and is in a fixed position. The track mount is basically two long board boxes that allow foil adjustment. If the foil you are buying comes with the wrong attachment, you can easily buy an adapter to turn a tuttle box attachment into a foil track attachment. Personally, I like boards with the track systems because it allow you to move the foil forward or backwards to adjust how the board and foil ride.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you chose a foil for the conditions you will be riding. There are a few foil brands out there that have interchangeable pieces. This would be the best buy. That way you can have a few different wing sizes, a few mast sizes and both mount adapters. That way you will be ready to foil in any conditions on any board!

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