10 Things To Know About the 2018 ISA SUP Championship


WANNING, China – The 2018 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship (WSUPPC) is set to gather the world’s best SUP and Paddleboard athletes in Wanning, China from November 23 – December 2. Here are the 10 things that you need to know about the upcoming competition.

1. Four continents in seven years

The 2018 WSUPPC is taking place in Asia for the first time in its seven-year history, after previous editions were held in the Americas (Peru, Nicaragua, Mexico), Europe (Denmark), and Oceania (Fiji). The event’s diverse range of locations across four continents highlights the global growth trends of SUP around the world. Demonstrating the growth in Asia, teams from China, Chinese Taipei and Iran will join the competition for the first time in 2018.

2. How to watch live online

The World Championship will be streamed live on isasurf.org from November 23 – December 2. Visit the official event website for results, photos, videos and news pertaining to the competition. Fans will also be able to watch the live webcast on the ISA’s Facebook page, International Surfing Association.

3. Pan Am qualification

The 2018 WSUPPC will qualify four athletes directly to compete in SUP’s debut in the 2019 Lima Pan American Games. The top finishing man and woman from the Americas in SUP Surfing and Technical Race will earn a spot in Lima 2019.

4. ISA’s global leadership of SUP

The ISA has been the organizer of the sole World Championship for SUP and Paddleboard since 2012. Through development programs, scholarships for young SUP athletes, and promoting Championships at the national level, SUP has experienced explosive growth under the ISA’s leadership and governance.

The ISA presented both Surfing and SUP to the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee for inclusion in the Olympic Sports Program. Tokyo 2020 elected to include only Surfing in the Games and not SUP, however achievements such as inclusion in the 2019 Pan American Games and 2017 Central American Games, under the ISA’s leadership, have added momentum to the ISA’s push for inclusion in the 2024 Olympics.

5. Gender equality

The 2017 edition of the WSUPPC was the first to introduce a gender equal format, a landmark initiative that offered equal slots for men and women. 2018 and all future editions of the event will continue utilize this format, representative of the global increase of women participation in SUP.

6. First ISA U-18 SUP World Champions

For the first time in the event’s history, U-18 World Champions will be crowned by the ISA in China. The world’s best junior SUP racers will vie for Gold Medals in the SUP Technical Race.

isa china 10 things surfRiyue Bay shows why it has become the center for surf and SUP culture in China. | Photo: ISA / Muñoz

7. The venues

Two venues in Wanning, China will host the event in 2018. The SUP Surfing and Technical Races will take place at the region’s renowned point break of Riyue Bay. The Distance, Sprint and Relay Racing will take place just up the coast on the pristine beach of Shenzhou Peninsula.

8. The disciplines

The WSUPPC will award 14 individual Gold Medals as well as the Team Relay Gold. The disciplines are the following:

  • Men and Women SUP Sprints
  • Men and Women SUP Surfing
  • Men, Women, U-18 boys, and U-18 girls SUP Technical Race
  • Men and Women Paddleboard Technical Race
  • Men and Women Paddleboard Distance Race
  • Men and Women SUP Distance Race
  • Team Relay

9. Social media

The ISA will be posting live updates, photos, and videos from the competition on social media. Follow along on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and don’t forget use the official hashtag #ISAworlds.

Facebook: International Surfing Association (@ISAsurfing)
Instagram: @ISAsurfing
Twitter: @ISAsurfing
YouTube: ISAsurfing

10. The schedule*

Riyue Bay

  • November 23 – Opening Ceremony and Surfing Surfing
  • November 24 – SUP Surfing
  • November 25 – SUP Surfing
  • November 26 – SUP Surfing
  • November 27 – Technical Races
  • November 28 – Technical Races
  • November 29 – Lay day

Shenzhou Peninsula

  • November 30 – Sprint Races
  • December 1 – Distance Races
  • December 2 – Relay Races, Closing Ceremony

*All times in local time (GMT +8). Schedule subject to change

For more news on the ISA World SUP Championships, click HERE.

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