Introducing Paddle Belt for SUP Surfing and Fishing: Secures SUP Paddle


ENCINITAS, CA – Oct. 18, 2018 — The new Paddle Belt protects SUP surfers and SUP fishermen against the annoying inconvenience of losing a paddle. With Paddle Belt, a new style of leash for your paddle from Board Meeting USA, SUP riders can now secure your paddle when prone-paddling out through whitewater, comfortably, with your hands free. And if you lose your board, Paddle Belt enables you to swim efficiently, with your paddle trailing securely behind you. For SUP fishermen, Paddle Belt secures your paddle while fishing, keeping it close at hand to control your board.

Losing your paddle is a waste of time, at best, and an expensive lost investment, at worst. For SUP riders, Paddle Belt protects your investment with a quick-slide loop that cinches tightly around your paddle, so that it can glide securely behind you in the water. Release your paddle from the Paddle Belt loop to engage in SUP surfing. Your Paddle Belt is by your side, ready to use again when needed.

Paddle Belt allows SUP rider’s hands and arms to be free when it matters, like prone paddling through whitewater, or swimming after a lost board. With Paddle Belt, you’ll have no more discomfort from lying on top of your paddle when you choose to prone-paddle. If you need to swim after a break-away board, you won’t wear yourself out by repeatedly throwing your paddle ahead of you. Instead, you can swim efficiently to retrieve your board with your paddle secured by Paddle Belt.

“While SUP surfing on a 10-foot day at Hanalei Bay, Kauai in early March, I lost my board. If you know that break, it meant I had a solid quarter-mile swim in,” said Roy Lundstedt, Board Meeting USA founder. “ With my paddle attached to the Paddle Belt, I didn’t have to wrestle a paddle while swimming, so I was able retrieve my board without getting exhausted. It turned out to be a great test of our first product.”

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Paddle Belt is ideal for SUP surfers, SUP foilers, and any ocean SUP rider that maneuvers through whitewater to get to the SUP action.

SUP fishermen use from Paddle Belt to secure your paddle while casting and reeling in fish. The Paddle Belt keeps the SUP fisherman’s paddle close at hand so it can be reached without bending down, enabling easy repositioning and control of your SUP board.

SUP riders use Paddle Belt with three easy steps:

  1. Snug Paddle Belt around your waist.
  2. Insert paddle handle through the Paddle Belt loop.
  3. Secure the slider down TIGHTLY against the paddle. Prone-paddle your board and let your paddle glide securely behind you. When you’re ready to SUP, SUP Surf or SUP Foil, release your paddle from the Paddle Belt loop and enjoy your SUP session.

SUP fishermen secure your paddle with the same three steps, above, once you’ve reached your fishing location. Release paddle from Paddle Belt loop to paddle back to shore.

Paddle Belt is available at

About Us At Board Meeting USA, we’re driven to bring Board Riders new products to make your Board Meetings better. Our products have been designed and developed in Encinitas, California by a traveling surfer / SUP surfer / hydrofoil SUP surfer who loves and honors the traditional, yet eagerly explores new boundaries of the sport. Whether you’re a Surfer or SUP Surfer, Long Boarder or Stand Up Paddler, Hydro Foil Surfer or SUP Foil Surfer, or SUP Fishermen, Board Meeting USA products help you get the most out of every Board Meeting on the water. Stay tuned for new innovations:

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