Nutritional Tips for Finding Balance On and Off Your SUP


Professional and competitive stand-up paddle boarders don’t make it to the top of the sport on skills alone. It requires a lot of hard training to harness these skills and an increased amount of attention to diets. In order to achieve good balance on your board, it is important that you have a good balance of nutrition when you’re off the board. So, check out these three tips that can supplement your strength training and improve your game.

1. Add Key Nutrients to Your Diet

The right diet for your workout can provide major benefits for your performance on the water. We lose many essential nutrients during training as well as on the water, so we must ensure that we maintain the right balance for the right outcome. To improve your SUP skills, incorporate some of these foods as part of your training regimen.

Eggs provide a much-needed protein boost to any breakfast. These proteins can support muscle repair and increase immune function on the water so that you stay fit and strong. It can also increase your energy and overall stamina as your paddle through your session.

Avocados can promote muscle contraction and can heal muscle pain after workouts. They can also improve immunity and promote the healing of any injuries that you may have gotten while out on the water.

Leafy greens such as kale, spinach, and broccoli can help to balance out our minerals, amino acids, and hormones. These can help to keep a straight mind while you’re paddling and can also promote the storage of excess body fat for energy use.

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2. Incorporate Water in All Areas of Your Life

Water should be an essential part of your life, on and off your board. During long paddles, you should be drinking a gulp of water every 15-20 minutes to maintain hydration levels. After any good run, you will have lost a lot of electrolytes and sodium through sweat. Therefore, you should drink 16 to 20 ounces of water mixed with a pinch of salt after each paddle session.

3. Add Yoga and Meditation

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We’re constantly focused on what exercises will increase muscle strength out on the water. However, yoga is a great supplemental exercise that can reduce the impact of stress on our bodies by over 50 percent. This allows for our muscles to recover faster and promote strength building. Yoga can also help to balance the mind so that we stay sharp on the waters.

These three tips can help to supplement the best SUPs and increase performance on and off the water.

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