5 SUP Products To Make Storing & Transporting Your Paddle Boards A Breeze


Summer is at it’s end and for many that means back to work and less time in the water. We can all agree that paddle boards are not cheap and run anywhere between 8ft and 14ft tall, so finding a safe and secure place to store your board is important—and at times can be challenging. This is why Owner and Founder of CorSurf, Andy Gosset and his team understands and have you covered with their paddle board storing racks, and solutions for your transporting needs.

Here are the five must-have SUP Gear that CorSurf has to offer:

1. COR Paddle Board Cart

CorSurf PaddleboardCart AnglePhoto: Andy Gossett

Designed to be lightweight, weatherproof, and easy to install, he paddle board cart comes equipped with heavy dirt wheels that will make it easy for you to stroll and transport your SUP anywhere.

2. COR Bicycle Board Rack